Project capacity on processing of oil and oil products (subject to updating and reconstruction of the enterprise) is 139 569 tons per annum, including about 60000 tons of oil fuel and furnace oil, about 26000 tons of diesel fuel, about 30000 tons of middle distillate, about 17000 tons of solvent petroleum spirit, naphtha, straight-run gasoline, about 6600 tons of automotive gasoline.

Used equipment:

— oil processing plant;
— section of evaporators for feedstock;
— diesel pumping station;
— water cooling pumping system;
— dosage batching and mixing-compounding unit;
— plants for mixing and dissolving of liquids in flux;
— processing trains;
— reservoirs.

Main production capacities and reservoirs of Kazakhstan Oil Processing Plant LLP are located at: 136, Amangeldy Street, Karatu city, Talas district, Zhambyl region, Republic of Kazakhstan. In addition, the enterprise has a network of mobile plants for compounding of oil products all over Kazakhstan, specifically, in Atyrau city, Shymkent city, Arys Station, Aktau city, Aktobe city, Pavlodar city, Kyzylorda city, Astana city, Zhanaozen city, Osakarovka village of Karaganda region.