To improve competitive strength of products, KAZAKHSTAN OIL PROCESSING PLANT LLP develops a number of standards, which allow us to retain our market share, to increase sales both to the domestic market and to the external one (export), and to gain competitive advantages.

Improvement of oil products quality is achieved both in the process of distillation and in the process of refining. Requirements to the products features of KAZAKHSTAN OIL PROCESSING PLANT LLP are improved due to updated of oil processing plant, compounding of finished products with different additions, additive and components.

For example, to improve quality of automotive gasoline, it is provided the doping of additions ensuring high antioxidant, anti-corrosive, anti-icing properties, to them, using non-toxic antiknock additives and high efficient additives: methyl tert-butyl ether, secondary butyl alcohol, alkylate and isomerate. Improvement of diesel fuels quality is associated with development of the processes of hydro-treatment and paraffin removal, ensuring refining the products from sulfur, increasing cetane number and reducing the freezing point. Improvement of fuel oil is associated with reducing the freezing point and combustion temperature.